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We believe in simplifying a creative buying process and empowering you to create your own design: You can do your design yourself!.

By offering new technology you can immediatly see how the new product fits and choose the right colour and size. We provide you with the tools to do your interior or outdoor design or photo editing, without any special knowledge needed.

We are a modern company, NG User (www.nguser.com), which has developed this design technology under the name of NG Design. Our strength is in our people and we recognise that the more we invest in them the better we will be, and the more our customers will benefit. We encourage our employees to provide input into our business, they come with a wealth of experience and strengths that can be shared with everyone. 

We are a fast grooving company with a clear vision, namely to give our clients the best value using the very latest technology to fulfil their requirements. For us it is a must to create solutions that are innovative and that are cutting edge. The company is established in Sweden and we are now expanding to other countries in order to serve our clients the best way. The mobile is getting increasingly important in any business. Our clients understand this and want to use the mobile as a tool to develop the business further

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